Endodontics is the branch that deals with lesions and diseases of the dental pulp (all the vessels and nerves that guarantee the vitality and sensitivity of a tooth).

soins urgence dentaire a geneve

The vitality of a tooth is an invaluable capital for oral health and the long-term dental preservation.

Despite all efforts, it is sometimes impossible to preserve the health of the pulp due to cavities or trauma. If necessary, a therapy called root treatment or devitalization must be carried out.

This procedure consists of removing the dental pulp, disinfecting and shaping the root canals and sealing the entire endodontic system. This will eliminate bacteria that invaded the tooth and prevent recontamination. Incorrect therapy can lead to the persistence of infections that can cause abscesses, granulomas and cysts in the surrounding bone.

As a devitalised tooth that is more fragile than a vital tooth, it is often necessary to protect its longevity with an onlay or sometimes a crown.

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