Orthodontics is a dental treatment that aims to improve the aesthetics of the smile, the chewing function of malocclusions, disorders of the growing jaw and developmental defects of the teeth.

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For young patients, the orthodontist’s objective is to direct the growth of the jaw, eliminating components that have a negative impact on proper development.

In adult patients, the main goal is to improve the aesthetic appearance of the smile and face.

For patients in need of restoring missing teeth, orthodontics can be an essential aid in recreating optimal conditions.

Therapeutic means are varied and include mobile devices in the form of plates or fixed devices (the “rings”) of a metallic or ceramic type.

To further reduce the aesthetic impact, “Invisalign” has invented transparent trays.

It is also possible to place the rings on the tongue side with the “Incognito” system which is completely invisible.

After performing a thorough examination (which includes taking photographs, X-rays and impressions), the orthodontist performs a personalised case study. This planning is used to determine what type of device should be used and for how long. Orthodontic treatment can be performed at all ages, and thanks to new methods, a high level of comfort and aesthetics is achieved during treatment.

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