Missing teeth can be replaced by a fixed or removable prosthesis, achieving optimal aesthetic and functional results thanks to new techniques and materials. Restoring an appropriate occlusion can restore the lost masticatory efficiency and prevent associated problems.

Loss of teeth due to disease or trauma may actually be linked to: reduced chewing function, reduced comfort, tilting of neighboring teeth, which can lead to the creation of periodontal pockets, chewing and digestive disorders, as well as muscle and joint pain.

Each prosthetic solution must be individualised, planned in detail and integrated into a complete treatment plan that respects the patient’s wishes.

Fixed prosthesis

Allows to reconstruct teeth seriously destroyed by cavities or to replace missing dental elements, by means of crowns, onlays (in the case of a single tooth) or bridges (to replace several missing teeth).

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A fixed prosthesis cannot therefore be removed from the mouth by the patient and looks exactly like a natural tooth. The most commonly used materials are metal and ceramic, for their aesthetic characteristics, hardness and stability over time.

An additional aesthetic demand can now be satisfied by the production of all-ceramic crowns that meet the aesthetic requirements almost identical to natural teeth.

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