Removable prosthesis

If a fixed prosthesis (crowns, implants and bridges) is not indicated, a partial or total removable prosthesis remains an option.

These prostheses must be removed daily by the patient to allow cleaning.

prothese amovible suisse

Partial dentures achieve stability and retention by using residual natural teeth or specially placed implants.

A complete prosthesis (when there are no teeth) is fully supported by the oral mucosa. Retention is achieved by a suction effect and by interaction with the lips, tongue and cheeks. To ensure adequate support and comfort for a lower denture, it is recommended to combine two implants with a fixation system.

Scientific studies and international conventions have agreed that a lower denture supported by two implants is the minimum treatment necessary to properly restore the chewing function of a patient with no lower teeth.

The advantages of removable prostheses are that they are easy to maintain and are generally more affordable than fixed prostheses. In addition, in the case of significant bone defects, it is possible to obtain a better aesthetic result.

The disadvantages are that they offer less comfort than fixed prostheses and the need to reline them and check them regularly to prevent dental caries and inflammation of the mucosa.

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